Wilder Pushed To The Limit By Fury, Escapes With Draw

Photo: Reuters

Los Angeles, California – Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury did not live up to the hype; it exceeded it. In another Fight of the Year candidate, Wilder and Fury competed in a highly entertaining, drama filled battle at the Staples Center. Tyson Fury came out fast, and to his credit, remained fast. After a few even opening rounds, Fury was able to find his rhythm. He was able to confuse Wilder and give him problems he had not yet faced as a pro. Elusive defense and steady offense gave Wilder massive problems to overcome, to which he never really did. Despite being out-skilled, Wilder was able to do work here and there and land his signature power shots, dropping Fury in the 9th and 12th round, the latter knockdown seemingly putting Fury down for good. Surprisingly, Fury was able to overcome the knockdown that has ended most nights for Wilder, and fight valiantly on. Overcoming is something Fury has become good at. For the past couple of years, Fury has overcome the self-inflicted wounds of drug abuse, resulting in him ballooning up to 400 pounds and suffering a near mental breakdown. It was thought Fury would never fight again, let alone possibly be alive so credit must be given to him for his perseverance. Official scores were 114-110 Fury, 115-111 Wilder, and 113-113. Both fighters showed the upmost respect for each other after fight, a pleasant thing to see considering all the animosity that was ever present in the lead up.

Both Wilder and Fury say they are up for a rematch, but who really knows, considering the question was asked immediately following a very intense, emotional fight. Anthony Joshua waits in the wings at some point, but who really knows what he and Hearn will do.

At the end of the night Wilder remains undefeated. Barely, but undefeated nonetheless.

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