Spartan Fitness, The Garage Kickboxing, Ready For First Card of 2020

The fighters of the Spartan Fitness gym in Homewood, Alabama and The Garage Kickboxing gym of Alabaster, Alabama are ready to throw hands at the first amateur show of the year. The card will be promoted by Strikehard Promotions, a B2 Digital Company. Trainers from both gyms are excited and confident that their fighters will perform well. Jeremy Phillips of the Garage Kickboxing gym had this to say about his team's preparation:

"We had about an 8 week training camp for these fights and I’m very happy with the way it went. It looked much different from our camps in the past because at the time, I was fighting on this card so both myself and Fred, (Weaver) who had also came out of retirement, went into camp with everyone else. I feel like it brought a new energy to fight camp and the team was really excited to have us training along side of them. Coach Nathan and Coach Zak handled practices and for the first time, I took a backseat from coaching in order to train. My fight has since fell through so unfortunately I won’t be competing, but it was really fun to be so involved in camp with the team. Everyone worked so hard and we had a lot of outside help on our grappling. Coach Devin Scott from NXG and Coach Arcos Smith from Mission Submissions spent a lot of time with Nick and Bee (Rebekah Rotenberry) on their grappling. Muy Thai Coach Henry Mwanyalo and Boxing Coach Kevin Cooper worked with on everyone’s striking. As I mentioned, Coach Zak and Coach Nathan handled the overall fight camp and organized all of the training. I feel like cardio is always a strong point for us as a team, but this may be the best I’ve ever seen it. Bee, Nick (Guiditta) and Fred are in great shape, they are on weight and ready to go. Saturday night we plan on putting on a show for the Strikehard fans."

Chris Conolley of Spartan Fitness talked about the sacrifices his fighters made and their commitment to working hard:

"We got four guys fighting on this card Richard Craig, Quadarrius McGinnis, David Clark, and Tyler Stevens. The work they've put in up to this point has been crazy. They've been working really hard coming in to the new year. They took no breaks off during Christmas. They had Christmas day off, and that's it. We had practice every single other day except for Christmas. They worked all the way through Thanksgiving. They maintained their weights. They put the work in and now they're ready to lay it down on somebody. They had a rough Christmas, They had a rough Thanksgiving; they had to push themselves away from the table, and now they're ready to make somebody go out there and pay for it. We're looking forward to kicking off the new year right."

Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Zamora Shrine Center. (3521 Ratliff Rd, Birmingham, AL 35210) The first fight beings at 7 p.m.

Tickets still available here.

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