Eryk Anders To Participate In Tony Takedown Challenge

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With 16 fights under his belt as a mixed martial artist, There’s not much Eryk Anders (16-4, 8KOs) hasn’t seen in the octagon. Or ring for that matter. However, on Thursday August 15, everything changes. Anders will square off with Joshua Sloan as he takes part in the “Tony Takedown Challenge.”

Sloan, a Chicagoland native, developed the challenge out of his love for MMA, a sport he became a fan of at the age of 11. He also wrestled for 10 years. The Tony Takedown challenge combines his love of MMA with his compassion for his fellow man. “The challenge came about when I was trying to figure out a way to be charitable while also involving MMA,” Sloan told me. "This way, the sport gets positive publicity, and charities get massive exposure they wouldn’t otherwise get.”

Sloan’s takedown challenge is picking up steam, as he has gotten many fighters to agree to take him down including Jon Fitch, Curtis Blaydes, Juan Adams, Phil Baroni, and now Eryk Anders.

The rules of the challenge are simple; Sloan will defend himself against takedowns for a round, (three minutes) and for every takedown his opponent is able to secure, $100 will be donated to a charity of the fighter's choice.

His first Takedown Challenge with Jon Fitch can be viewed here.

Takedown Challenge #1

The challenge is something Sloan has a lot of fun with, which can be clearly seen as he recounts his first takedown challenge with Jon Fitch:

"As I walked onto the mats to do the challenge I looked across from me and saw a world champion and a trained killer and felt as if I had walked into a locked cage with a hungry lion wrapped in meat begging to be eaten, knowing that I would suffer, but understanding that my small sacrifice has big consequences for countless people."

Eryk Anders is set to square off with Sloan this upcoming Thursday, August 15 at Spartan Fitness, located in Homewood, AL. The challenge has been scheduled for 10:30 a.m.

Boxingham is proud to be a sponsor of the Tony Takedown Challenge.

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